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Integrative Medicine


 Integrative Medicine combines a vision of modern medicine that allows the integration of ancient, conventional, and modern models of healing to assist the client with all possible healing avenues. We use various techniques of alternative medicine such as Chinese medicine and (energetic) acupuncture, the East Indian medicine system of Ayurveda, chakra medicine, homeopathy, mind-body medicine,  and spiritual healing.  All the work is done energetically, so there are no needles, no prescriptions or side effects. 

Quantum Medicine


Quantum Medicine is based upon the principles of quantum physics and the primacy of consciousness.  We use healing techniques that are supported by this and are most effective on treating the Body Mind. 

BodyTalk and Reiki


Using our Inate Wisdom to guide us, the client will lead the way in his or her own recovery process. A formula will be revealed showing the imbalances which need to be corrected to get the Body Mind back to it's optimum state of perfect health. BodyTalk, unlike conventional medicine which only addresses symptoms, views the client's entire story to heal on all levels. This includes spiritual and mental as well as past life and energy life such as chakra energies.


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